Around The Sun

Always moving momentum without pause
continuing the journey step by step
making the trip
around the sun

Seconds pass
hours turn into days
months disappear in a blink
another year around the sun

Try to hold on to moments
memories lingering in eternity
try to remember
with each pass around the sun

Each breath means more
thankful for this moment
along for the ride
around the sun



A number between 1 and 100
and an age
4 years from 60

When I was younger, much younger
60 seemed so very, very old
yet here I am almost there
and feeling something

Not sure I look almost 60
not sure I feel almost 60
it is the number
the realization of 6 decades almost gone

Finding more lines on my face
grey hairs showing themselves
sagging, bagging, lagging
and menopause of course

Is 60 the new 40?
that’s just something people say
60 is 60
and I’m almost there

On the other hand
I’m very thankful for it
the alternative
is even less appealing


Moments inside this spell

silent and softly falling

into the never ending


Without you only silence

feeling heart beat slow

nothing inside now only


Emotions wrapped in ice

a thaw that never comes

warmth now long forgotten


Memories only shadows

through a frosted window pane

all that remains now only



Have Only Positive Expectations

that anything is possible

doors meant for you will always be opened before you

hope is stronger than fear

one who has hope has everything

Hope is the thing with feathers

that waits in the soul

ready to take wing and fly

as long as you give it life

always believing

with strong positive expectations


Acceptance is easy when it is something you want or like

never hard to accept things that make you happy

but what about things that make you unhappy

how does one gain acceptance of those

through the passage of time

faith in the doors that will now be opened

belief that everything happens for a reason

support from those who love you

it can be hard to let go of things

especially those you have worked long and hard for

in some cases it can be devastating even

but there is always tomorrow

there are doors that wait just for you to open

acceptance can always be found in time in faith in patience


An optimist they say sees the glass half full

ever with hopeful thoughts for the future

an optimist they say never sees the glass half empty

always tending towards the positive

in reality a true optimist

sees the glass as refillable

that no matter the obstacle

something hopeful can be poured in

making the glass always completely full


Look inside my pocket and what will you find

a poem for me to share to stimulate your mind

it can be short and sweet to the ear

or an epic tale you long to hear

anyone can join in write a line or two

and share a poem today with me and you

it is national poem in your pocket day

for the writer in all of us with something to say


Possibly the hardest attribute to maintain

doubts creep in

worry seeps through

being unsure becomes second nature

faith seems lost

belief becomes unsustainable

positivity takes work

takes strength of will

takes blinders to all else

laser focus on the path

not the obstacles

positivity is impossible

or is that I’m possible?


Progress is sometimes slow

one step in a million moments

it can seem unending work without results

enjoying the journey along the way

can seem like wasting time

progress is many times unseen

like invisible ticks of a second hand on a watch

the seconds still pass

but may go unnoticed in their smallness

yet progress remains

not in enhancing what is

but advancing towards

what will be


Into every life a little rain must fall

days where the sun never shines

you can be drowned by it

or dance in the puddles

but the rain will fall

all the same

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