Life is not fair
all are not even
no mortal can make it fair
that is just a lie

Mortals who pretend
to be gods
mouth words about
life being fair for all

Yet they cannot
make people smarter
keep them from dying
make them all wealthy

They cannot change

Life cannot be
made fair for all
anyone who claims it can
is lying



This talk of splendor in the grass
glory in the flower
grieving not
joy in what remains

so long have I waited
to allow it to be so
finally to let go
but joy I do not know

Grieving not
have I mastered
regret is not
part of me

Joy in what remains
in the life that is
or in the memory of what was
there is no joy in what was

Certainly there was not
splendor in the grass
nor glory in the flower
no joy in what remains


The memories they linger
no matter how long it’s been
is it as hard as it seems
to make them go

Why do they stay
are the feelings still there
is it that the love refuses
to go

Or is it something else
guilt perhaps
and the unforgiven
who won’t go

Always in the mind
the first memories awake
or asleep
why don’t they go

Will they stay forever
is there no way to be free
still here
please go


If only there were an eraser big enough
to wipe the memories clean
leave nothing behind
seen and unseen

Take away what will not leave
lingering ghosts of the past
maybe then the mind
could be free at last

Places, faces, feelings, choices
everything connected to you
back to when I believed
what was said was true

Every day they come
to bring the hurt anew
why can’t an eraser
wipe my mind of you