thankfulness-featured-wideNovember the month for thankful

are you thankful only in the big things

such as relationships family things

or just in what you want

does the minutiae count

breathing, sight, the ability to walk

taste, hearing, the ability to read

thankful in all things

great and small

positive instead of negative

a universe of abundance awaits


only-choicesWhat was it all for

the work the money the pain

was it worth it

each day I ask myself

the same questions

no answers

patience has never been my virtue

faith a hard concept

waiting and growing older

trying to justify myself

some days no positive remains

so I keep asking



and no answers



What do I want, when do I get, how do I make that mine?

What about me, when is it time, how can I get those too?

Get and receive, all about me, no there’s nothing for you.

Why would you think that’s true?


All year long it’s all about me, why would Christmas be any different?

Why should I share, no time to care, where is the more for me?

Who are these needy and why should I give?

Don’t they have government assistance for that?


Homeless people choose to be that way.

They got themselves into that mess.

They are all just looking for a handout anyway.

Pretend they do not exist and keep walking.


Those are just bad kids.

Just like their parents probably.

It is not my job to raise them.

Besides that is what schools are for.


Eternity arrives and questions are asked.

Why were you so selfish?

Why did you not help?

Giving is not just for Christmas.



When you have eliminated the impossible

whatever remains

however improbable

must be the truth

Improbable may be hard

to accept

but all else being equal

the truth remains

Digging ever deeper

past what cannot ever be

to find what might be

these are the remains

These remains however

hard to believe

if not impossible and what really is

must be the truth

If you have stayed with me on this National Poetry Month 30 poems for 30 days journey I appreciate it.  Some of you may have known my theme and others may have guessed it by now.  If not, it was quotes from all the various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes.  It worked out rather well and I will leave you with one last Holmes quote: “Education never ends Watson.  it is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last.”



He sits motionless like a spider

at the center of its web

but that web has a thousand radiations

and he knows well every quiver of each of them

The slightest movement reverberated

throughout his body

like a tuning fork again and again

every tremor felt deeply

Never moving he just waits for the next brush

tracing the electricity to its source

reaching out into a thousand directions

each one a singular sensation

He knows well every quiver of each of them

these thousand radiations

as at the center of his web

he sits as a motionless spider



It is of course a trifle

but there is nothing

so important

as trifles

Little things mean the most

a smile a touch a look

things others look

right past

Easily missed and dismissed

passing by without notice

take the time

see them

Nothing more important

than trifles

little things of course

are just trifles



Why can’t people

just think?

perhaps because

it is too much work

Or too much time

is involved

or too much giving

of self

perhaps because

it is too real

or too much taking

on responsibility

Or too much emotion

is required

why can’t people

just think?



Presume nothing

tread carefully

search facts

find truth

Take care

speak slowly

listen intently

search proof

Avoid gossip

quiet rumor

silence whispers

stop lies

Gather data

theorize completely

think smart

presume nothing



Stand with me here

upon the terrace

for it may be the last quiet talk

that we shall ever have

Let us talk now

just we two

sharing quietly in the dark

all that we are

Whisper with me

as we stand together

looking out into the night

talk to me

It may be the last quiet talk

we shall ever have

upon the terrace

stand with me here



Life is full of

whimsical happenings

so lightly fanciful

not at all serious things

Most subject to

erratic behavior

and breezes of

unpredictable change

Often amusing

these unexpected things

bringing a smile

to your face

Playful little quaint


whimsical happenings

life is full of them

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