Day has arrived
in all its glory
time to be merry
or that’s the story

Presents are opened
stockings taken down
only smiles in sight
never a frown

Dinner is served
eaten in full
nap on the couch
that seems to be the rule

One day a year
to be merry it seems
filled with food
laughter and dreams

Maybe being merry
should be every day
wouldn’t the world
be better off that way



Day before the day
anticipation in full
waiting on Santa
the sleigh to pull

Hours tick by slowly
each one counted out
closer to Christmas
building to a shout

Presents that mock us
all around the tree
seemingly screaming
open me open me

No matter the age
kids still await
Christmas morning
to learn their gift fate

Day before the day
waiting for it to leave
the longest day of all
happy Christmas Eve!


Such a sap
cry so easy
with every holiday

Each song
and scene
bringing tears
back again

Tender heart
soft soul
spirit open
emotions broken

Such a sap
little things
touch the heart
tears fall

CocaCola bears
Apple Christmas videos
stories of magical
holiday cheer

Music plays
scenes fill the screen
once again
such a sap


Rushing to and fro
unsure which way to go
always running this time of year
looking for Christmas cheer

Take some time slow it down
before smiles become frowns
stress isn’t healthy it’s true
rushing is no good for you


Holiday blues
have come to visit
sliding up inside
in mind

Came silently
without much notice
until they stayed
without warning

Usually happy
this time of year
not so much
this time

Feeling weepy
a lot stressed
not sure why
oh dear

Go away
and very soon
these holiday blues
from me