It bears down on me

like so much pressure

pushing, ever pushing

never letting up.


School, work, family

always something to do

never any rest or peace

even in my dreams.


Overwhelming pressure

leaving dents

in my mind, my heart, my soul

getting deeper all the time.


Smothering, getting sick

no strength to push back

going under

and no one sees.




So much gone
never to be found
not enough tomorrows
for the lost

Searching in vain
frantically running
seeking something
always lost

Plugging the holes
it never holds
over and over you try
still lost

No more tomorrows
time far gone
remaining empty
forever lost



Reaching out for a hand
to hold as we fall
hoping it will save
wishing, knowing not at all

What if the hand’s not there
how then do we survive
when we are all that’s left to hold
do we remain alive

Is there any way to tell
what tomorrow brings
will we awake
when the alarm bell rings

We keep reaching
looking to find hope
just tie a knot
at the end of your rope


Horribly beautiful
in all it’s glory
inspiration one moment
desperation the next
painted with
telling brush strokes
the truth never
quite revealed
horribly beautiful
this thing called life


Last one
countdown begun
year’s final day
made its way
some here some gone
with friends or all alone
taking stock counting down
some smile some frown
looking forward glancing back
what you’ve got or what you lack
holding on or letting go
what you do or don’t know
precipices of future loom
live in joy or doom
choice is yours to make
steps you choose to take
come now this final day
then new dawn new way


Mind full of chaos
life full of stress
pushing for the surface
always swimming

Searching for sleep
looking for peace
trying to catch a breath
always swimming

Sorting things out
picking and choosing
cutting through the waves
always swimming

Finding few answers
reaching ever forward
working just to stay afloat
always swimming


Everything’s a risk
nothing guaranteed
tomorrow is not promised
it’s all just chance

Fortune favors the bold
timidity hinders success
out on a limb
willing to take a risk

Nothing ventured nothing gained
hanging back leaves you behind
pack leaders never afraid
risk is at the front of the line

Tomorrow waits for no one
procrastination isn’t a risk
reach for the stars
and beyond

Life is worth the risk


Inexorably slowly continuously
hands of time move always
even if you don’t hear

Creeping crawling moving
never stopping ever
even if you don’t see

Speed haste fast
seemingly quicker each second
even if you don’t feel

Quicker faster hastier
seconds seems smaller
even if you don’t know

Another year almost gone
365 days nearly spent
even if you don’t want


How easily each stress
becomes a mountain
pushed every higher
each passing day
can start small
a grain of sand
inevitably growing larger
we make it so
small hill larger hill
small mountain larger mountain
what we allow it to be
make it become
added to every day
few more feet tall
until all we are
is a dot in the shadows


All fun and games
until someone gets hurt
played well and badly
both without thinking

Manipulations and machinations
taking turns
roll of the dice
chance or choice

Everybody plays
some better than others
winners losers
no in between

twists turns
always something new
questions no answers
just games

Every day starts anew
begin again
all fun and games
until someone gets hurt

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