When I have fears that I may cease to be
and then I say when nothing is there
except silence, they have only cries and fears
no matter that alone am I
where screams may never cease
and longing to just be

(Written with the high school poetry club that I sponsor. I will be posting all the poems written with the club over the next few weeks)



There’s a poem in my pocket
it’s just waiting there
written on a scrap of paper
a poem still to share

Not very long
and yet the words still speak
sometimes I take it out
just to have a peek

Written and saved
it’s crumpled and worn
but this is how
great poems are often born

In my pocket it waits
until someone comes along
to share it with again and again
in the universe belong


Time to begin anew something different begin again

starting over new space all fresh and clean

a place to grow branches of the soul reaching out

this is what beginning anew is all about

New words new lines new phrases of the heart

shared with all who wish to be a part

starting anew feeling completely free

come and share this new journey with me

Deborah Horton Writing

© photo by El_Dimani