From far away
it seems okay
but up close it’s
a big old mess

Lives of others seem
from far away
much more perfect
than is true

From afar they appear
beautifully put together
something to be

Closer inspection reveals
true brush strokes
mashed together
and messy

Even closer looks
become blurs of
noise and color
and truth

Perfect from afar
others lives but
up close just a
full on Monet



Choose to accept less
to be treated badly
because it’s too scary
to be alone

Choose to stay
in a bad relationship
because you think
you can’t do better

Choose to take
the pain
because you feel
you deserve it

Choose to believe
all people act this way
so there’s no reason
to look for more

Choose the situation
you’re in
or choose differently
but you choose


Minus you
minus then
minus memories
minus when

Minus touches
minus kissing
minus laughter
minus missing

Minus love
minus lies
minus how
minus whys

Minus guilt
minus pain
minus wrong
minus insane

Minus crying
minus blue
minus forever
minus you


We become wounded by what is said
injured by what is done
because we let it happen

Petty people with small minds
creating harm with word and deed
in their own unhappiness

We let the whispers cut us
and let the actions touch our emotions
as they continue to gossip

This harm can only hurt if we let
we choose what where when how
they are of no consequence

A Secret Life

A secret life is that important
Hide things we never share
From those who call themselves friends
And those we wish were never there

Things we never speak aloud
Whispers to our hearts
Not where anyone would hear
Use them to pick us apart

A secret life is that important
Holding everything in place
Keeping truth from seeping

Nothing showing on our face

Things we desire
We dare not say
Hidden in depths
Kept so far away

A secret life is that important
Keeps us sane so we believe
When as the spider to the fly
We practice to deceive


The welcome mat laid out to start
friendships new and renewed
in cyberspace we meet and share
what’s up with me and you

From all over these friends now come
together relationships we build
through posts and messages
our lives to be filled

Though we may have never met
or once knew each other long ago
friendship is just a click away
learning things we want to know

Over time and space we connect
strands in the universe are we
new and renewed in cyberspace
welcome friends I now see


Heat filled days that smolder
the air lapping like tongues of flame
breathing becomes harder to control
each touch a burn to the skin

The flames continue into the night
nothing takes the burn away
now inside and out the fire consumes
rest and start again

The fuel of pent up yesterdays
waiting for the flames to lick
tasting the untouched the fire spreads
leaving behind only the smolder

In the embers the fire is still hot
hidden waiting for the next spark
the next breath so passionately breathed
the burn of this desire


All at once breathtaking and beautiful
strength in every angle and space
gliding as if suspended in air
movement motion breathless

As if it’s so easy
the most natural thing there is
like breathing unconscious
it just is and you just are

Muscles rippling definition unbound
wordlessly gripping there is no sound
the sight of you amazing there are no words
breathless and beautiful are all that is heard

A slight touch the familiar smell
skin that becomes a raging fire
unable to look away
in this moment breathless


They say with time all is known
things we will someday be shown
time to learn time to live
and it is only you my love I give

They say with time all wounds heal
that tomorrow will change the way we feel
everything will move and grow
and I love you more than you can know

They say with time all things are clear
that the unknown is what we truly fear
the things left hidden inside the heart
and it is you I have loved right from the start

They say with time all things must end
that each passing second brings it closer again
though death must come and none can forestall
and until then I will love you with my all


I almost said I loved you when you looked at me
those eyes that reached into my soul so deep
again when you stood so close I could smell your skin
almost said the words but no and then

I almost said I loved you when you took my hand
your fingers wrapped in mine I could hardly stand
and as you pulled me closer almost did I speak
but strong I remained even tho I was weak

I almost said I loved you when you kissed me so
soft and sweet long and lingering feeling it tips to toe
again as you kissed me over and over making it hard to breathe
the words almost spilled out I never wanted to leave

I almost said I loved you when you and I were one
wrapped around each other and others there were none
but I kept it hidden deep inside the words in silence held
and now that you are gone it seems it’s just as well

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